Toll free numbers are considered investments

Advertising toll free numbers in your out-of-area advertisements can show sales increases up to 1400%. This is why toll free numbers are considered investments, not expenses.  Advertising toll free numbers in your out-of-area advertisements can show sales increases up to 1400%. This is why toll free numbers are considered investments, not expenses.

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Announce Your Business With a Toll Free Number

A vanity phone number can be a simple. affordable boost to your business that you can arrange in just days by calling Tolfreenumber.ORG. With our help, you can get creative by customizing a toll free phone number that announces to the world what your business stands for and has to offer. Whether you have a new comany or an established business, toll free numbers will get you noticed. pGo to Tollfreenumber.ORG and get a custom toll free phone number today!

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Do You Need Toll Free?

How do you know if getting a 1-800 number is right for you? Consider the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, then getting a toll free number from Tollfreenumber.ORG is a good idea for your business or personal situation.

Are competitors drawing away your potential customers? A free call to a 1-800 number appeals to a larger customer base. Gain an edge on your competition with a toll free vanity number.

Are you losing customers over long distance calls? Customers who can make a free call are far more likely to contact your company with questions and orders. Don’t let long distance phone bills dissuade potential customers from calling you.

Do you own a successful business that draws local customers and are now looking for a wider pool of potential customers? If so, a 1-800 number can bring national attention to your company. Advertising a 1-800 number in an ad can boost interest as much as 600%. A toll free number in distant locales can bring a 1400% increase in attention to your business.

Do you miss important calls when you are away from your office? With a toll free number, calls can be routed to your home phone, cell phone, fax or even email. You will never miss a call.

Are you paying expensive collect and long distance bills to keep in touch with your children living away from home for the first time? With a 1-800 number, your children can call you at any time of day for free. Toll free helps you stay connected to your family and friends.

Is your international travel hurting your business? With toll free international service from Tollfreenumber.ORG you can stay in touch with your American customers when you are traveling out of the U.S.

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Toll Free Misconceptions

Don’t fall for these misconceptions when deciding whether to get a toll free telephone number. Some of them may be true in years past or if you use the wrong service provider but none of them are true if you get a number from Tollfreenumber.ORG:

1.) “It’s Too Expensive”
False. Having a toll free phone number can often be less costly than paying for long distance and collect calls. Toll free phone service is very affordable– you pay only for services you use.

2.) “Only Big Corporations Benefit From Toll Free Numbers”
False. Millions of small business owners have a 1-800 number. In fact, toll free phone numbers give small and home-based businesses a big advantage because they draw a national customer base and establish instant credibility.

3.) “Connections Are Not Clear”
False. If you sign on for toll free phone service with a company that uses only fiber optic connections, you can be assured of clear, quality sound. Fiber optics are far more reliable than broadband (VoIP) connections which are often associated with dropped calls and poor quality.

4.) “There Are No Good Toll Free Numbers Available.”
False. It is true that available toll free numbers supplies are declining as popularity of 1-800 numbers grow. But carriers like Tollfreenumber.ORG have access to a plentiful supply of good toll free phone numbers.

5.)”I’ll be locked in for years.”
False. Providers like Tollfreenumber.ORG won’t lock you into long contracts that prohibit change. In fact, Tollfreenumber.ORG encourages you to pick plans and features that meet your needs, then add new features as your company expands.

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Lets sum up the reasons for getting a toll free number. First, very affordable and often cheaper than stadard service.

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What does 600% mean?

Bellcore Research Agency did some research awhile back and concluded that advertisements that use a toll-free phone number VS. a local phone number saw an average of 600% increase in business. Probably because people prefer to call an 800 number over a local number. That is why so many U.S.A. small businesses use a toll-free number as their primary phone number.

You may say WOAH JOEY! HOW MUCH IS 600%?
Local Number – no calls | 800 number – 6 calls
Local Number – 10 calls | 800 number – 60 calls
Local Number- 100 calls | 800 number – 600 calls

600% is mathematically equivalent to SIX times more calls.

This is exactly what the national research firm BELLCORE RESEARCH found when they ran tests that charted the callers of toll-free numbers VS a local number.

Here are some LOW figures totaling a 30% increase
Local Number – no calls | 800 number – 1 call
Local Number – 10 calls | 800 number – 13 calls
Local Number- 100 calls | 800 number – 130 calls

Even a 30% increase will make a toll-free number a great investment for your business. But if you are only getting a 30% increase then you should work on your marketing more because you still have a lot of room to advance and improve yourself.

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How Can Non-Profit Organizations Benefit From Toll Free Numbers?

Is it true that toll free numbers can help non-profit organizations? Will 800 numbers help non-profit organizations in increasing the flow of donations? Yes, it is true that toll free numbers can help non-profit organizations a great deal. Read on to see how non-profit organizations can benefit by using 800 numbers.

Non-profit organizations rely completely on the donations that they receive from their benefactors for their existence. However, it is not that easy to ensure a good flow of funds into the organization. On the one hand the prevailing tough economic times puts every one under financial stress so donations are difficult to come by and on the other hand even those affluent donors have started becoming skeptical about the intentions of non-profit organizations because of the prevailing scams. Though there have been mishaps in this area, there are a lot of genuine non-profit organizations that work for various social causes.

If you sign up for a toll free number you can reduce your expenses on fund raising advertisements a great deal and at the same time attract a good number of donors. It is not that there are no people with good will but some of them would like to make sure that the money that they donate is utilized for a genuine cause and it is not swindled by a scammer and this is a legitimate interest of the donor. By providing these donors with a toll free number to reach you they will be motivated to talk to you and find out more about you and your services. This will give you a chance to build trust. Many good projects get stalled for the want of funds and by using all the latest facilities that are available we can certainly make good things happen around us.

If you find a good toll free number phone service provider like you will be able to great deals and toll free numbers won’t just be a dream anymore. Sometimes we may not be able feed our project with local funds so we may have to have a national drive or sometimes international fund raising programs and if you have a toll free number it will encourage more international donors to lend a helping hand for your program. They will be able to call easily because they don’t have to pay for an international call and they will come much closer to you and in fact they will just be a telephone call away.

Moreover you can also cut down costs on your regular phone bills and save that money for a better cause. Feel free to visit to know more about the features and prices of your toll free number. The sign up process is very simple and it does not involve any complicated procedures that are required normally for signing up for your regular phone service. Go ahead and sign up for your toll free number at and increase the number of donors who will support your programs.

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A Quick Look At The History of 800 Numbers

What we call today as toll free numbers or 800 numbers are used for generating business by companies all companies including small, medium and large companies alike and they are also used to provide presales and post-sales customer support for various products and services across the globe. Toll free numbers have introduced a new face to the customer relationship management and today it is used as an icon for building customer trust because it serves as a free means for the customers to communicate with the companies from which they have hired a service or purchased a product.

Today, even an organization that is operated by a single individual has an 800 number and this was not the case when the 800 numbers were introduced in 1967 by AT & T network so as to reduce the need for a large number of human operators needed to process the increasing number of collect calls from the customers to service providers. The concept of collect calls served as the basis for today’s toll free numbers. When it is a collect call each call involved an operator who had to confirm the collect call with the recipient of the collect call.

The original form of toll free phone service was called Inward Wide Area Telephone Service or INWATS and interestingly it was not software giant or other fortune 500 companies that tried this to new system. This service was first used by the Sheraton Hotel Chain and the first INWATS facility was installed in 1970.

Today’s modern version of the toll free numbers was called the Data Base Communication Processing Method by its inventor Roy Weber. Contrary to what we would presume, this did not catch on like wildfire it was very slow to get into the market and it took some time for people to understand and appreciate the importance and the potential of this new technology.

Until 1984 AT & T owned all 800 numbers and the situation changed in 1991 with the initiative of FCC to bring diversity and competition in this area. It was possible for people to move from one carrier to the other without having to change their original numbers. Many telephone network carriers started offering the 800 numbers as well, giving a number of options for the subscribers to choose from. The latest trend in the toll free numbers is called vanity numbers. Vanity numbers have alpha-numeric characters; if you used a vanity number then you can spell out your business name as part of your contact number such as 1-800-TOLLFREE.

Today there are number of toll free phone service providers and when you select your toll free phone service provider you must make sure that your service provider is capable of both controlling and assigning toll free numbers. Today with toll free numbers you can get a lot of other value add features such as caller ID unblock, caller ID with name, 3-way calling etc., so you must find a service provider who is capable of providing you with all the latest features possible like Check out for their exciting features.

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