The Perks of Toll Free Phone Numbers

There are so many perks to having a toll free telephone number. First, toll free service is very affordable and often cheaper than standard service. Toll free attracts more new customers just because it’s a free call. If a phone call is free for inquiries and feedback, then consumers will call, giving your company a chance to promote your products and sell more. Very few companies do not use toll free numbers anymore. Toll free establishes credibility and extends your geographic reach to consumers. Calls can be routed to any phone and systems can make a one-person home office sound like a corporate office suite. Toll free is portable, meaning if you move then the number goes with you. Learn more at Tollfreenumber.ORG.

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Why Not Get a Toll Free? It’s All Advantage To Have One.

There are so many reasons to get a toll free telephone number for your company, not-for-profit or cause. A 1-800 number provides businesses with better customer communication and service, enhances revenue, offers more exposure for companies, non-profits, and even elected officials. These invaluable marketing numbers give non-profits more exposure, and they increase communication between constituents and officials. And that is just a few examples of the advantages of a toll free phone number. Public awareness about the benefits of providing a free phone call is steadily increasing. 1-800 numbers obtained by carriers like Tollfreenumber.ORG have never been more sought-after for both business and personal use. And why not? Toll free is unexpensive, easy to set up, and the phone number stays with the owner even if they relocate.

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Ownership Of Toll Free is More Secure and Advantageous

The decision whether to own or share a toll free telephone number is typically a pretty simple one–ownership in most cases provides more security and more advantages. Ownership of a toll free number can be a big advantage over shared use of these valuable phone numbers. Shared use service can lead to confusion or even loss of the phone number at some point. With full ownership, you own and control your number. Not all service providers offer full ownership but Tollfreenumber.ORG does. And it is inexpensive, easy, and you can have access to a good supply of custom 800, 888, 877 or 866 numbers. Don’t risk losing your valued number. Own one through Tollfreenumber.ORG.

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Make Sure You Get These Toll Free Options

When looking into new toll free telephone service, you will be presented with a lot of options. Some will work for you, some will not, But there are 2 features that you should be sure your provider offers to you–fiber optic technology and ownership of your number.

Ownership of Numbers. A permanently assigned number goes with the owner during any change of location or company expansion. Once a number is assigned, you can continue to use it indefinitely. Shared use comes with all kinds of risks. But with full ownership, your number is all yours.

Fiber Optics. You never want your customer to suffer through a bad connection or gaps in phone service. By securing toll free numbers through service providers that use fiber optic technology, connections are clear and reliable. With fiber optic connections, callers don’t have to worry about interruptions in service associated with the less reliable broadband service.

Tollfreenumber.ORG offers both these essential options. Find out more today and have your new toll free numbers within days.

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