Luxury Businesses Successful With 1-800 Numbers.

Once used by a core group of big corporations serving the masses–retail, hotel chains, airlines—toll free phone numbers are now a huge success for luxury businesses too.

Toll free phone numbers have become common in ads for luxury items—jewelry, cars, high-end hotels. Take a look at Vogue or Portfolio magazines or the Sunday New York Times and you will see that virtually every luxury company is advertising a 1-800 number for customer inquiries about store locations, availability, product specifics, pre-orders, reservations and all other customer related services.

Gucci (1-800-325-7852) Mercedes (1-800-FOR-MERCEDES) Trump Hotel (1-877-9-TRUMP-1) ROLEX (1-800-367-6539) and BMW (1-800-334-4BMW ) are just a few examples of luxury companies advertising toll free phone numbers.

These established, worldwide providers of luxury items and services use toll free phone numbers for the same reasons every small and mid-sized company uses a 1-800 number. For any type of company, toll free numbers draw new business and help retain existing clients.

The value of a 1-800 number cannot be underestimated. Toll free numbers allow callers to reach businesses, organizations and even friends and relatives without being charged for the call. A toll free number lends credibility to any business, enhances customer service, and increases customer confidence.

Studies show that sales can double and word of mouth referrals can increase by as much as 200% making toll free service indispensable for any business. And this is true no matter what type of business—from an established luxury company catering to a select clientele to a home-based business offering one type of product.

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