1-800 Numbers Are An Asset For Online Businesses

Website sales are convenient for both businesses and consumers. But the lack of a personal connection between the company and the customer can be a huge drawback. Online business owners are quickly discovering that listing a toll free number on their website eliminates this problem.

The plummeting economy, coupled with skyrocketing gas prices, has created a surge in e-commerce businesses. Services and retail options of every type can be found on the Internet. Shoppers save time and gasoline by buying products and services online. The trend has created intense competition in online sales, making it necessary for web businesses to offer their customers options for cost-free and convenient personal service.

Although it is virtually impossible to get a definitive statistic, the Department of Commerce estimates there are about 10 million online businesses in the U.S. And Forbes magazine recently predicted that those numbers could increase substantially each year over the next decade. With that type of growth, and that level of competition, online companies need to use every marketing tool available.

1-800 numbers give online companies an edge over the competition by allowing customers to call a free number for information on the product. This type of personal service is key to a successful web business.

Email exchanges take time and are often inconvenient in a business situation. Customers may have a variety of questions and wish to hear all about the options available. Speaking directly to a company representative about the product, shipping options, and availability of the item provides a sense of security in the product and lends legitimacy to the business.

Business owners or company representatives who are away from their office will never have to worry about missing a call. With a 1-800 number secured by a reputable and comprehensive service provider such as Tollfreenumber.ORG, calls can be routed to any phone. A salesperson on the road will pick up the call as easily as if he is sitting in his office.

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Customize Your Telecommunications with Tollfreenumber.ORG

There are so many ways to use toll free service and so many different number combinations to allow you to match your company name, domain or slogan. Here at Tollfreenumber.ORG we have numbers to offer you with all the toll free area codes–800, 888, 877, 866 and 855. It is so easy to register for your own toll free number–and so affordable. We take care of everything for you and you will not need to purchase any new equipment. Contact us today to learn about all the customized options to suit your telecommunications needs.

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Toll Free So Important in 2011

Having at least one toll free phone number is so important that virtually every company uses 1-800 numbers in one way or the other–they connect with customers, they improve customer service, they have information lines, or take surveys. These are valuable and inexpensive ways to ensure good solid solid connections with customers. Without a toll free phone number, business owners, professionals, and non-profits rely on standard service that falls short in the business world. An affordable toll free phone number is easy and fast to obtain, and most importantly, it is inexpensive. Tollfreenumber.ORG

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Toll Free in 2011

A decade back, we couldn’t have imagined the type of phones we have today. Eight out of ten Americans have a cell phone–and they use it for all kind of communications. Toll free and phones, of course, go hand-in-hand. Callers look up toll free connections to any business, non-profit, government agency, even churches with a quick web browse or APP. Then, no matter where they are they can call for free. Business owners were once dependent on callers who were are home, and they hoped their phone number was readily available to new customers. Now, callers (a.k.a customers) can be on a subway, in their car, at work, at the beach. The possibilities are endless with toll free and cells.

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Toll Free Is a Key Marketing Component

Business owners put their heart and soul into creating a new company–they need to put as much effort and energy into marketing. And a key component of this is utilizing all that a toll free phone number can offer. Toll free service provides a free connection between the company and its customers and clients. Toll free helps promote the business and spread the word by creating brand recognition and credibility. Find out more at Tollfreenumber.ORG.

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In an Instant….

Instant recognition. Instant credibility. In an instant, your small company appears large. All this with a low-cost toll free phone number along with a phone system that works through your own phone lines. Calls an be forwarded to whichever phone you want–home, cell, office. A toll free phone number associated with a company boost its reputation. Learn more at Tollfreenumber.ORG.

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Connect With Your Customers

Trying to run a business from your home office? Always on the run trying to connect with clients? Getting a toll free phone number can help you stay in touch with customers no matter where you are. Plus, a toll free phone number gives customers the impression of a business larger than a home-based company. And this can be a good thing. Connect with your customers with an affordable toll free number from Tollfreenumber.ORG. Toll free service is the perfect match for a home-based company.

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Attract Callers With Toll Free

Attracting calls through a toll free telephone number is effective no mater what your business or cause it. You want callers to contact you for information and sales and a free phone call is the best way to accomplish that. By providing a free connection, people will be more likely to contact you. And getting a toll free number is easier than you think–these connections work through your own phone lines/systems. And the rates are affordable. Go to Tollfreenumber.org for more information.

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Big Travel Week This Week

Big travel week this wee–schools nationwide are out of session and family vacations are in full swing. Skiing, beaches, theme parks. Any travel related business that doesn’t have its own toll free phone number could be losing revenue this week. Competition is tough. Every inn, hotel, travel service, transportation and entertainment or sports business must connect with travelers through a toll free phone number for optimal results. Learn more today at Tollfreenumber.ORG.

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Increase Consumer Response And Establish Your Brand With Toll Free

Looking to establish a “brand” for your product, or yourself? Branding is essential to creative marketing. Establish your brand image with a toll free number. It is time to get creative. (Think 1-800-Got-Junk? as inspiration) A simple and inexpensive way to expand and solidify the image of your company is to include a 1-800 number on all your advertisements, websites, brochures, vehicles and business cards. When you offer a free phone call to your customers, you create the perception of a legitimate business and you eliminate and dispel any negative concerns a customer might have about dealing with a business they have not dealt with previously. Your phone number can become your brand image. Learn more at Tollfreenumber.ORG.

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Reduce Product Returns; Connect With Toll Free

Holiday shopping is in full swing. Retailers want to make the sale, and never get the product returned. Toll free phone numbers drastically reduce the percentage of annual returns. In many cases, a photo in an advertisement or on the web, or a written description of the product, just doesn’t provide a customer with enough information on exactly what a product has to offer. And a customer calling long distance may rush through inquiries to avoid hefty charges on their next phone bill. But if the customer has time to ask the right questions–and the rep has time to refer the customer to the right product–the amount of returns and unsatisfied customers diminishes. Go to Tollfreenumber.ORG for more information.

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855 Opens Doors For More Vanity Options

Vanity numbers bring attention to every type of business. In addition to a higher response rate, a vanity number creates an established, stronger identity for any company and increases word of mouth referrals. Recalling a seven-digit numerical sequence can be difficult for anyone. Remembering a toll free pre-fix attached to a word or catchy phrase is much easier. (Think 1-800-FLOWERS) The majority of successful, large-scale businesses and most of the Fortune 500 companies have toll free numbers because they are so effective. Now, with the new 855 toll free area codes, more vanity options are available. Go to Tollfreenumber.ORG and learn all about affordable vanity numbers.

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Cut Down On Marketing Expenses

Cut your marketing budget down. If your marketing costs are high but the return on the investment is low, contact marketing experts at Tollfreenumber.ORG for some free advice. Consider an alternative that will cost you just pennies. Get a custom toll free phone number designed specifically for your company or cause. Use this number on every traditional and social marketing outlet available. Immediately your market reach is expanded plus you save the hefty “professional expert” rates. Get a toll free phone number today. Talk to an expert for free at Tollfreenumber.ORG. Call 1-800-951-9411 for free expert advice and then spend just pennies per incoming call.

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Debunk The Myths of Toll Free Service

Three myths about Toll Free. Learn The Truth at Tollfreenumber.ORG:

1.) “It’s Too Expensive”
False. Having a toll free phone number can often be less costly than paying for long distance and collect calls. Toll free phone service is very affordable– you pay only for services you use.

2.) “Only Big Corporations Benefit From Toll Free Numbers”
False. Millions of small business owners have a 1-800 number. In fact, toll free phone numbers give small and home-based businesses a big advantage because they draw a national customer base and establish instant credibility.

3.) “Connections Are Not Clear”
False. If you sign on for toll free phone service with a company that uses only fiber optic connections, you can be assured of clear, quality sound. Fiber optics are far more reliable than broadband (VoIP) connections which are often associated with dropped calls and poor quality.

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Learn About Toll Free Services That Will Work Best For You

The reps at Tollfreenumber.ORG can guide you through the toll free phone services and help you choose the best options for you. The more you know about toll free telephone service, the more cost effective and productive it will be for you. The staff at Tollfreenumber.ORG can help educate you. If you read all these blog entries regularly you know that a toll free phone number from Tollfreenumber.ORG will help you increase your business, reach new customers and improve your customer service capabilities. You also know that toll free is affordable and flexible through Tollfreenumber.ORG and that getting a new number, or transferring an existing phone number, is simple. Our staff will walk you through the entire process.

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Lay The Foundation of Your Marketing Plan With a Toll Free Number.

We all want to do better in business. We all want more customers, more revenue. Think of creating your marketing plan like building a new house. It is completed in steps. First, the foundation needs to be set in place before the walls and decor are put into place. And that foundation should be a free connection to limitless consumers or clients. Toll free phone service IS that foundation. Toll free phone numbers are an affordable start to your marketing plan, and the most effective to keep your business strong. With a 1-800 number, you have so many options for building and growing your company or cause. Learn more about toll free today at www.Tollfreenumber.ORG

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Porting Your Number Retains Continuity.

There is no sense changing your phone number if you move your business. You need a custom toll free telephone number that moves with you. If you already have a number but are unhappy with your provider, keep in mind that you can transfer (or port) your toll free number. Porting a number is good for consumers because it retains continuity. That’s very important if you have branded your company with a custom phone number that serves as the link between your business and the consumer. Tollfreenumber.ORG can help you maintain control over your phone numbers. We arrange a seamless transfer to our phone service within 5 to 10 days. There are no contracts terms and our rates are very competitive. Keep a tight hold on your image and your custom number.

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