Just 90 days Until The Holidays. Be Ready.

We know it is hard to believe but it is only 90 days until the holiday season is here. Consumer activity will spark in about six weeks so it is time now to get a toll free phone number to handle all your orders and to grab customers’ attention. A toll free number will increase sales and reduce returns and here is why:

Reach More Customers: More consumers reach out to a toll free phone number. You will attract more attention to your business by posting a toll free.

Decreased Product Returns: There will be times when some customers aren’t satisfied with an order, but if they speak to a representative when purchasing and upon receipt of the product, the rate of returns drops drastically. Customers are more prepared to buy if they speak one-on-one via a toll free phone number. If a customer is unhappy, they can call you for free and you can discuss a satisfactory resolution.

Return Customers: Customers are more likely to pick up the phone with a minor issue when they can call a toll free phone number. This creates a relationship between you and them.

Customer Satisfaction: With standard service, customers are NOT happy when you put them on hold and they are paying for dead phone air. But with toll free service, the call can take as long as you need to resolve whatever issue is being discussed. A satisfied customer returns to your business.

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