Options To Consider With Toll Free Phone Service.

As previously discussed, there are many features of toll free phone service that will help promote your business, your cause, or just help you stay in touch with family and friends. Here are five more to consider when securing a 1-800 phone number:

Faxes Straight To Email: With toll free phone service you can have your faxes sent right to your email, eliminating paper jams, waiting for faxes at your office, etc.

Fiber Optics: With fiber optic connections, callers don’t have to worry about interruptions in service associated with the less reliable broadband VoIP service. Dropped calls hurt business.

Distinctive Ring: This feature, available from your local phone company, allows your phone to ring a different way for your incoming -800 phone numbers. This different ring tone helps you distinguish calls.

Call Waiting: Your toll free number service will be able to handle an unlimited number of calls at the same time. If you have a call waiting application on your phone, you’ll hear the beep and know you have another call.

Block Specific Areas From Calling: If it benefits your business to isolate potential customers to specific areas and block designated regions, toll free service can block specified incoming calls. This feature has a tremendous business benefit and personal advantages too.

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