Five Of The Best 1-800 Features.

There are many plans and features to consider when signing on for a toll free phone number account. Depending on the type of business you have, some options will benefit you and some options won’t.

Here are just a few of the best features to consider:

Cellular Phone Service: Having a toll free number shoot right to your cell phone is an invaluable feature for anyone who wants to stay connected 24/7.

Optional Answering Service: Voicemail, live call answering and complete virtual offices can enhance your business. Pick a carrier that offers these as an option.

Call Tracking: With Real-time Automatic Number Identification you can see where every call originated from—even if they are from blocked numbers. Any business owner can track leads and perfect marketing plans using this feature. (With some providers like Tollfreenumber.ORG this comes standard with all accounts.)

No High Monthly Fees: Don’t get caught up in hefty monthly fees for basic service. Of course, some specific features may cost you an additional monthly fee, but pick a carrier that offers pay-per-call as one option. As your business grows, add the features you need.

International Call Options: Don’t let a trip or a relocation out of the United States ruin your business. Keep connected to your American customers by looking into international toll free service.

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