Your Phone Number Is Your Biggest Marketing Asset.

There are many marketing tools available. There are those that work effectively for some types of business and those that work effectively for others. And for many companies, there are some strategies that just don’t have any value for their specific type of business.

Then, there are universally beneficial marketing tools—ways of reaching and retaining customers that work for virtually every type of business. And one of these popular, universal marketing strategies centers around the 1-800 number. This is a marketing program shared by all kinds of business owners.

1-800 numbers are valuable for most businesses because they generate higher responses to advertisements. It has been proven that a 1-800 number in an advertisement significantly increases ad response.

Toll free calls help any professional because they can be routed to any cell phone or other phone line, fax, or even e-mail. With a 1-800 number, important calls aren’t missed. A free 1-800 number appeals to potential customers nationwide. Business owners with toll free numbers don’t lose long distance customers.

Toll free numbers instantly establish credibility. When consumers see a 1-800 number they have the impression of a legitimate, established business. Even brand new companies and home-based businesses can create the impression of a large venture by getting a 1-800 number obtained from Tollfreenumber.ORG.

And for all types of businesses, a 1-800 number with a word or phrase can be easily remembered. Vanity numbers also shape brand image and increase word of mouth referrals.

So, while different marketing plans work for different types of businesses, every company shares the same benefits and the broad appeal of a 1-800 number.

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