In This Economy, Toll Free Calls Are A Necessity.

In this sinking U.S. economy, a free phone call is more appealing to American consumers than ever before.

Consumers are watching every penny, cutting back spending, and constantly looking for deals. To keep your business afloat during the economic crunch, now is the time to get a 1-800 phone number to offer your valued customers and clients.

As we watch grocery and gasoline prices climb along with the national unemployment rate, a free phone call becomes more and more attractive to potential customers of any type of business. Long distance calls can be expensive. Companies that rely on long distance business absolutely must provide toll free phone service if they want to successfully deal with customers outside their local community.

By including a 1-800 number in advertising, on websites, and in brochures, small and mid-size business owners can connect to cash-strapped customers nationwide. Toll free phone numbers extend market reach and significantly increase the amount of potential clients.

With a 1-800 number obtained from a provider such as Tollfreenumber.ORG, a business in Phoenix can use a free phone call to attract customers in Maryland, Maine, Alabama or elsewhere. In these tough economic times, those customers could decide they only want to deal with businesses that provide a 1-800 number. If you don’t have a toll free number, you could lose those important customers.

Why take the chance of losing business to your competitors who already have a toll free number? You can’t afford not to offer your customers a 1-800 number during the current economic crisis.

To attract customers nationwide during these tough times, start with a free phone call. With service from Tollfreenumber.ORG the owner of the number gets a financial break too—service plans from Tollfreenumber.ORG can be as much as 40 % less expensive than from some larger phone companies. Toll free service is affordable and during the economic crunch, it is a necessity for every business trying to compete.

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