Five Ways Toll Free Phone Service Can Instantly Expand Your Business

If you have an established business or have just started a new company, getting a 1-800 number can have an instant impact and generate new business. Signing up for toll free service through Tolllfreenumber.ORG is fast–within just days you can begin advertising your new free phone number and immediately the image and range of your business is enhanced.

Access To Calls Round-The-Clock. Toll free calls can be routed to any cell phone or other phone line, fax or even e-mail. With a 1-800 number, you will never miss an important call.

Reach New Customers. A 1-800 number appeals to potential customers nationwide. Avoid losing long distance customers with a standard phone number.

Establish Credibility. Businesses with a toll free number instantly establish the sense of a credible, legitimate business. A 1-800 number immediately boosts customer confidence.

Brand/Company Recognition. A 1-800 vanity number with a word or phrase is easily memorized by consumers. Vanity numbers also shape brand image and increase word of mouth referrals. By seeing your number, a customer instantly associates it with your company.

Boost For Upstart Businesses. An upstart business using a 1-800 number generates the instant impression of an established business. New business owners can choose a plan that works for their small company, and then as the business grows, the plans can be updated to meet changing needs.

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