Do You Want To Transfer Your Number?

If you are unhappy with your toll free phone service, remember you have the ability to transfer your service to another carrier in an easy and affordable way that doesn’t compromise your incoming calls or result in any downtime.

To protect owners of 1-800 numbers, the Federal Communications Commission enacted regulations that make them portable—you have the ability to “port” your existing number to another carrier and to another location.

Always be certain to deal with a company that allows you to transfer if you are unhappy with the service or the quality of the calls. If you get locked into a long contract, you risk being forced to tolerate substandard toll free phone service.

If you own your toll free number, you should never be told you can’t take your number with you—you do in fact have the ability to transfer that precise number to another carrier. Don’t be fooled by carriers who tell you otherwise.

If you sign up for full ownership of your number you will be able to retain your preferred number indefinitely. However, if you sign up for a lease, you may end up losing your number if you decide to switch carriers. Ownership is the safer option.

When making the transfer to a company like Tollfreenumber.ORG, they take care of the entire switch-over for you…they deal with your old carrier, handle all the particulars and you will never lose any calls. Your number stays active, it remains yours and the transfer is made seamlessly without disruption to your staff or your customers.

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