Seniors and Toll Free Numbers.

As discussed in previous posts, personal use of toll free numbers is growing at unprecedented rates. And as part of this trend, many subscribers are obtaining a 1-800 number for their elderly parents.

Getting a 1-800 number for seniors is a unique idea–and a good one. Many seniors are on fixed incomes and may refrain from calling their grown children or grandchildren because phone bills can be expensive. This is especially true if their family lives in another state—long distance charges can be overwhelming for some seniors trying to make ends meet.

There are nearly 40 million people over the age of 65 in the United States and with tens of thousands of Baby Boomers hitting retirement age each day, this figure will continue to climb over the next decade.

Worrying about elderly parents, especially those who live alone, is a concern for many people. Toll free numbers offer a sense of security that an elderly parent can always reach you if they need you.

Along with the peace of mind 1-800 numbers can provide, toll free phone service is also convenient. Busy professionals can have calls forwarded back and forth between siblings or other family members to make sure someone is always available in case a frail parent calls. Calls can also be routed to caretakers or aides.

Established toll free service providers who offer a variety of features can help you find a phone number that a senior family member can easily remember. (Tollfreenumber.ORG will provide that type of service.) Personal use of toll free service is becoming more popular for many reasons. Staying in close contact with elderly parents through a 1-800 number is an effective option that is worth considering.

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