Fiber Optics. The Better Option.

As the use of toll free phone service expands, the popularity of fiber optics is also growing. Many subscribers are now demanding fiber optics over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service.

Fiber optics used for telecommunications is generally considered more reliable than VoIP, particularly for long distance calls. Fiber optics has fewer interruptions and clearer connections.

The technology for both options is complicated, too difficult to explain fully in this limited context. But in the simplest terms, VoIP converts sound to digital signals that travel over the Internet. With fiber optics, calls travel through, as you might guess, optical fibers, which reduces the risk of electromagnetic interruptions.

Fiber optic technology is also considered more secure. It is difficult, if not impossible, to detect motion through the fibers. This cuts back on worries about phone calls being monitored.

Some companies such as Tollfreenumber.ORG exclusively use fiber optic technology. Other toll free number providers still use the less reliable VoIP. This is something to consider when choosing your service provider–in some circumstances with VoIP, when the power fails, phone calls cannot be transmitted at all. No power means no phone service? Think about the problems that could cause.

To avoid gaps in telephone service and to ensure clear connections, your best bet is fiber optic technology. Don’t risk losing customers over unreliable VoIP connections.

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