Using Vanity Numbers

A memorable word or phrase attached to a 1-800 number is one of the easiest ways for anyone to permanently recall the number.

Known as a “vanity’ these connections produce a consistently higher rate of customer response than most other forms of advertising. A vanity number can identify your brand and your image. Once a potential customer sees the number, they are very likely to remember it.

In addition to a higher response rate, a vanity number creates an established, stronger identity for any company and increases word of mouth referrals. Recalling a seven-digit numerical sequence can be difficult for anyone. Remembering a toll free pre-fix attached to a word or catchy phrase is much easier. (Think 1-800-FLOWERS) The majority of successful, large-scale businesses and most of the Fortune 500 companies have toll free numbers because they are so effective.

Toll free phone service, with or without a vanity number, is easy and affordable to obtain. Service providers like Qwest and Tollfreenumber.ORG have access to the database of available numbers and they can match any subscriber up with a perfect 1-800 number.

Recently, vanity numbers have grown popular with the large number of people signing on for toll free phone service for personal use, Vanity numbers are perfect for parents who want to keep in touch with their children. Use your last name, a nickname, a pet’s name, or street name for easy recall. This is a good option for elderly parents too. Often on a limited income, elderly parents can reach their grown children or caretakers at no charge through a toll free number.

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