Tracking Phone Calls

Have you heard of the call-capture feature available through some toll free phone service providers? It’s a popular and innovative feature that allows subscribers to obtain a list of everyone who has called them—even if the call came from a blocked number.

Through a service called Real-time Automatic Number Identification, some toll free providers (Tollfreenumber.ORG is one) can track every incoming call and can “unblock” blocked phone numbers. This nifty feature is offered for no additional charge.

Aside from the obvious business benefits—leads on who calls, what areas of the country are responding more, or less, to advertisements etc—this option can also help prevent harassment problems.

Imagine getting repeated nasty calls from competitors or from personal adversaries—if they have a blocked number there is little you can do stop the behavior. But if you have a toll free plan that includes this tracking feature, then you can find out what number or numbers these calls are originating from. Providers like Tollfreenumber.ORG can help you trace whoever might be harassing you.

I’m always amazed at the ever-expanding level of technology available through toll free phone service. It gets better every year. This feature is particularly appealing because it can help promote business and has the added benefit of helping protect personal safety.

Post written by http://www.Tollfreenumber.ORG

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