Ownership of Your 1-800 Number

There are many features to look for when choosing a toll free phone service provider: variety of options, low prices, fiber optics technology. And for many subscribers, ownership of the 1-800 number is also essential.

With ownership, the number stays with the subscriber for as along as they want it. Some subscribers opt to rent or lease a number—but this can mean losing your phone number if you switch providers or if other changes necessitate a new type of phone service. A different phone number means a loss in continuity—which could mean the loss of existing customers.

While a rented number may be right for a limited market, ownership is often the best option for the majority of subscribers. If you want consistency and an assurance that your exact phone number will be associated with your business for as long as you choose, then deal with a provider that offers full ownership of your 1-800 number. (Tollfreenumber.Org for example)

Why risk losing your number due to unforeseen changes? Secure your rights to a phone number that suits your business or personal needs.

So, if you run a company now or if you are thinking about starting a new business—one that you plan to operate for years—consider toll free phone service for all the marketing benefits. And then consider working with a provider that can offer you full ownership of the number.

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