Non-Profits Rely on 1-800 Numbers

Non-profits need to find ways to cuts costs and attract donations. By signing on for toll free phone service they can accomplish both goals.

Many non-profits survive solely on donations from generous supporters. But before gaining the trust of benefactors, a non-profit must establish itself as credible. Donors want to know that their contributions are going to help those in need and not toward wasteful administrative costs.

Affordable toll free phone numbers are crucial to the vitality of any non-profit. Signing on with an affordable company like Tollfreenumber.ORG can save non-profits money because rates can be as much as 40 percent cheaper than the rates at big phone companies.

This low-cost and reliable service lends credibility to the charity, allows them to reach donors nationwide, and reduces wasteful spending. When offered a toll free number, contributors gain confidence in the integrity of the non-profit. And they won’t have to pay for a phone call to ask questions about the cause or to make a donation.

Low-cost services from Tollfreenumber.ORG help non-profits keep administrative costs down. Without having to pay expensive monthly phone bills, the charity can focus more funding on humanitarian programs. Non-profits want every available penny to go toward their cause.

In addition to choosing the most affordable plan, they need to select the most reliable service—meaning they need to make sure they sign onto to a service that provides fiber optic technology. Fiber optics consistently offers clearer connections than the less reliable broadband service. Donors and those in need must be able to contact the charity without gaps in phone service and dropped calls.

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