What to Look for in a Job Candidate

  Here at Tollfreenumber.ORG we’re often asked questions about basic business management. Many first-time business-owners just simply don’t know much about running a business and we’re happy to give free advice to budding entrepreneurs, whether they use our service or are just calling in for help. With the economy on the rebound and businesses hiring […]

Can a Toll Free Number SAVE Your Business?

Why is it that so many businesses can barely get off the ground and make it past the one year mark? You feel like you’ve done your planning, invested your time and money in to a venture that will work but, for some reason, it doesn’t. And you’re left looking for a last resort as […]

FREE Business Ideas

  Here at www.TollFreeNumber.ORG we try to offer more than just low cost, quality toll free 800 service for businesses and personal use. Personal use toll free numbers are a great thing to offer to clients looking forward to adoption or just keeping in touch with family but, business toll free numbers take a little […]

TollFreeNumber.ORG’s Offer of the Season

TollFreeNumber.ORG loves the holiday season! Many festivities tend to begin after Halloween but, we like to start things a little early! While we may not have drastic season changes here in California like there are in other parts of the country, we cherish our fall weather. After September is over, it gets noticeably more chilly […]

Toll Free Numbers Prevent Phone Hacking

  Toll Free Numbers are generally thought of as business use numbers to make a company or product look better and be more convenient for clientele. But did you know that a toll free number is extremely helpful in preventing unwanted callers and protecting your personal information? Because toll free numbers are not paid for […]

Never Forget

  Today we remember September 11, 2001; although we remember this date quite frequently around here. On this day, 13 years ago, America woke up to tragedy. Since, there have been constant news stories, opinions on the subject, conspiracy theories, individual and group stories, remembrance ceremonies, controversies, and everything in between. It doesn’t matter what […]

How TollFreeNumber.ORG Makes You Money!

  Many people come to us stressed and overwhelmed about all the things they have to do to get their business off the ground. Making a plan, figuring out what permits and licensing you need, getting office space, trying to figure out how to build a website, advertising, registering your business name, doing business worldwide […]

Tollfreenumer.ORG Celebrates Labor Day

While most countries around the world celebrate workers on May 1st of each year (International Workers’ Day), the United States celebrates its own version, called Labor Day, on the first Monday in September. Originally created to display the strength of trade and labor organizations, Labor Day festivities were known to include parades, speeches, and festivals […]

How To Treat Your Employees

  Here at TollFreeNumber.ORG, we have a special place in our heart for family. Americans are known for working a lot, being stressed, and taking few vacations. Our solution is to offer employees extra personal time for a multitude of reasons and the feedback we have gotten is incredibly positive. Our competitors push toward as […]

Customer Spotlight on: Janet Novak

  Janet Novak is a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point kind of woman. “I appreciate the chance to tell my story but sometimes your features are too long,” she told us. “I’m a busy woman. I don’t have time for a lot of reading.” So to honor her request we’ve decided to keep her story short and sweet. […]

Making Executive Decisions

  One of the most common types of caller we get is from window-shoppers who have a hard time making up their mind. These are the people that go one of two ways: either they give up on getting a toll free number altogether or they do tons of research and then throw all of […]

The Importance of Family

  Families come in many shapes and sizes. It can include close friends and distant relatives that you may not get to see that often. What you call your family is precious; they may not be blood related but they ‘get you’ and you want to keep them close.   People always ask us what […]

How Large Companies Trick You

  It’s not every day a company is willing to offer you something for free when they can’t get something better out of the deal. For instance, companies are always giving away hats and pens and towels but, they’re flooded with the company’s logo. They’re also hoping you tell all your friends, “Look what such […]

Customer Spotlight on: Grace of Good

  Grace of Good is a church based south Florida and we thought it would be a good idea to tell their story because they are a non-profit. You don’t have to be a literal business making tons of money to get a toll free number! Gary Straub and his wife Danielle are happy to […]

Are Entrepreneurs Getting Younger?

  Young business owners appear to be taking over the market. The age of the internet has brought on a younger crowd that’s grown up using its wares. This time period of “can’t find a job” has led to starting your own business. And as the youth are living at home longer, they are less […]

Is an 844 Vanity Number for You?

  Every once in a while we get a client asking if 844 numbers are really toll free. The answer is, of course, YES! The toll free numbers using 800, 888, 877, and 866 have been around for decades and decades but, because of that, makes it very difficult to get a specific one. Why? […]

Successful Entrepreneurs Unite!

  Can anyone remember how it used to be before there was internet? People got their news from television, radio, and in print. Sure it seemed like a dream at the time but with the advent of the internet we can get information at any time and don’t have to make ads or plans months […]

Customer Spotlight on: One –Stop Computer Repair

  Joe Dandridge, the tech manager at One-Stop Computer Repair sat down with us to talk about the shop. He explains that the business started a few years ago after an investor lost money on a building project and wanted to get out from under a small space quickly. “He sold the space dirt cheap […]

How to get what you want

  Have you ever wondered if there’s a strategy to getting the things you want?  Well, there is! You can learn how to get the things you want in a few easy steps. The hard part is implementing the motivation to follow these steps: First, do something. That’s right; at some point you may have […]